Ryan "Alpha" Romero

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Email twoleftthumbs AT me DOT com

Address Austin, TX

It’s true. I have a lot of hair.

It routinely attempts to lock itself into dreads, reacts poorly to confinement in a motorcycle helmet and usually contains at least one female hand. This is what most people remember about me. Just that one thing, “the guy with the hair.”

I'm alright with that. After all, it’s what I do. One idea, a simple concept, is what good work is based on and good work begets good business. It’s that simple. The rest is smoke, mirrors and media budgets.

This is what I believe. It’s what I what I work to impart on the teams I lead and the students I mentor.

Currently teaching in the Texas Creative program at the University of Texas, I’ve also been lucky enough to have some amazing experiences as an CD/Copywriter in both traditional and interactive agencies for clients including Pepsi, Dyson, Acura, Dominos, Mountain Dew, Nokia, Giorgio Armani, Microsoft, Starbucks, ESPN, The Longhorn Network, The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and T-Mobile.

In other realities I'm a motorcycle rider/builder, disc golf player, giant art construction worker, dog lover, beer fan, tattoo canvas, citizen of Black Rock City and pretend grown up.


creative leadership
big ideas
brand identity
digital and traditional brand integration