Ryan “Alpha” Romero

hacking bodies

digital, billboard, print, poster

In 2015 Dustin Trammel realized all the stuff he loved had more in common than he thought. At first glance you may not consider hair dye, computer implants, weight-lifting, and nootropics to share much DNA, but if you look closer you realize that they’re all methods we can choose to shape ourselves how we see fit.

This is bodyhacking and it was time to bring all the hacker tribes together. A massive success in 2016, the second year is looking to be even bigger under the campaign “Be More Together”. I was proud to work with Dustin’s small team of dedicated folks to make this a reality and get the word out. Posters, fliers, print, prospectus, website copy…he needed it all. Forming the voice of BDYHAX was no small feat, but I think it came off nicely.

Below you’ll find several print and poster executions from 2017, then 2016, followed by the 2017 prospectus.