Ryan “Alpha” Romero

nobody puts robert rodriguez in a dome

Immersive experience

This collaboration with Director Robert Rodriguez’s advertising agency, LaReyna, and Vice tasked a fellow Burning Man attendee and me with creating an experience around Estrella Jalisco beer and Dia de Muertos. While I think the project suffered from too many cooks and too few dollars, the client was thrilled with the turnout and considered it a big success. Robert himself did not attend but was there in spirit and in voice as the narrator for the entire experience.

Forjalisco estrella cerveza DateSeptember 2019 – November 2019

A mostly empty town square before opening.

This is the best video I was able to get from my partners at La Reyna. Voiced by Robert Rodriguez, it gives some sense of what the experience felt like.

A calavera catrina wanders through our water-themed dome.

A quick snap of the earth-themed dome that featuring marigolds, hummingbirds, and the legend of Xóchitl & Huitzilin.

Each night hosted experiences integral to the history and culture surrounding Dia de Muertos.

Elaborate costuming and performances were part of each attendee's visit to A New Dia.

A rare moment before people filled one of the largest spaces to relax, enjoy a beverage, and send personal messages to those who have passed on by way of hanging paper butterflies on our trees.

Diverse cocktails made with Estrella Jalisco beer were matched to each dome's experience and served throughout the experience.