Ryan “Alpha” Romero

Ryan is a creative advocate who has never really understood popular music.

Sure, there's nothing wrong with comfortable and predictable if you're a luxury car, but art (and by extension advertising) should excite and inspire. Give him weird. Give him unique. Give him an original thought and he’ll give you everything he has to make that thought a reality. He considers it his job to start new conversations, tell new stories, and help brands understand new ways to exist. Ryan is a champion for diversity in all its forms, for intelligent use of new technology in all communications, for creative solutions to combat all problems, for respect towards all humans, and for pie with all meals.

He has lead creative teams that won the first-ever Advertising Age Global Agency Network of the Year award for a digital agency, mentored students to a dozen national and international award wins (and over 140 smaller ones), led a top-rated school for creative advertising, and successfully named two German Shepherds. At his core, he is a passionate soul who pushes for the very best from every human he meets, because he knows what humanity is capable of when it truly cares.

Whether he’s mentoring a student on a spec campaign, branding an international consultancy business, or fabricating a new motorcycle, Ryan puts himself into every nuance of his work. The perfect creative product doesn’t exist, but he will never stop trying to rub up against the idea of one.


creative leadershipbig ideasbrand identitycopywritingdigital and traditional brand integration